Maci Bookout Kept Ryan Edwards Engagement Secret

maci bookout

Maci Bookout along with every other teen mom fan out there may have already known when Ryan Edwards would pop the question to his now, fiance Mackenzie.

She managed to hold the secret from one little person in particular a little longer after the official news broke.

"[Mackenzie] called me and told me, and Bentley was going to their house the next day," Maci recently told MTV News according to a new report.

"And she was super-excited when she called me.

She told me not to tell Bentley because they planned to tell him in person the next day.

It was a tough secret to keep because I wanted to be excited with him, but obviously, it wasn't my place to tell him."

The proposal was celebrated by MTV with a special Sunday airing of Teen Mom OG. Maci has gone on record to say how much she likes Mackenzie and fans can see just how well they get along. She followed up on that sentiment further on in her statement to MTV.

"They genuinely care about each other," said Maci according to the report.

"They have a very healthy relationship.

I think she's very understanding and supportive of him -- she's a really good friend to him, but she also has enough of a 'I'm not going to put up with your s**t attitude.' It's the perfect balance for what Ryan needs in a partner."

Looks like Edwards is definitely on the path to a bright and secure future.

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Maci died a little inside when he got engaged, you all know it.