Did Ryan Edwards get his girlfriend pregnant?

ryan edwards


Several other places have written about this, and I figured I would add in my two cents to the topic, so here it goes.

At around 11:00 on Thursday, April 3, Ryan Edwards shared the following tweet with his nearly half a million Twitter followers.


When I was reading it I felt like I was playing a game of Mad Gab with my computer screen.

I also immediately assumed he was probably being an average 20-something and drunkenly celebrating Thirsty Thursday.

Anyway, people instantly started saying that the two had announced that they were expecting a baby, which would mean they interpreted that jumbled mess of words as, "Well shit, Shelby just found out she was pregnant."

Ryan never mentioned anything about the tweet today, but his girlfriend, Shelby Woods, did chime in with a concrete answer to our questions.


For now we'll assume that Shelby isn't pregnant, and we'll still assume Ryan was simply trying to stir up some drama on Twitter.

We could take bets on which Teen Mom girl will be the next to get pregnant though, because the whole idea of the show preventing unplanned pregnancy hasn't really been shining through lately.

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According to Ryan and his eloquence, he (read: "me") is pregnant. Congrats to the happy couple! Good luck with the baby weight, Ryan.

That's some great English, Ryan....

Definitely looks like a drunken tweet lol

Hard to decipher between his drunk English and sober English

Ohhh taking bets sounds fun! Hmmmm I'm probably wrong but either Caitlin or Leah. Maybe Kail, even though I know she just had a baby. I pray to GOD it's not Farrah or Jenelle ever again in this lifetime... If I win order me pizza.

Let's be realistic...we all know that Mackenzie is camped out in Grangie's kitchen with a turkey baster full of Josh's Version 3.0 Trap Baby Potion in the freezer and trying her hardest to read the instructions on her ovulation test strips. Time's almost up on her bullshit biological clock.

haha I should have read one more comment down. We call bad decisions like we see 'em!

Damn my fat fingers! Every time I try to up vote something, the opposite happens! Ugh. Anyway, Rae, you win. Mackenzie is totally next!

I'm waiting for Mac to get past her "time bomb" age and pop out another baby and then her and Grangie will preach that it's a "miracle of God"

Oh god I never even thought of that...first Satan attacks her via forcing her to trespass on the Trunchbull's property with a broken foot and little Jaxfortunate gestating on a steady diet of twizzlers and Munchausen's with a dash of oxygen deprivation. Then he attacks her arranged marriage (I'm sure some livestock changed hands to save Mack's reputation on the rodeo scene so everyone in Oklahoma wouldn't think she's a COMPLETELY hypocritical whorebag) and then blesses her barren, diabetus womb with the Return of Baby Jesus so she can turn around and ask for prayers instead of batteries for her neglected blood glucose monitor.

Rae, you are full of wisdom. I bow to you.

Don't say my name!! Apparently if it's mentioned more than twice per blog post, a fairy doesn't get its wings or something.

Ohhh or Mackenzie since her uterus apparently has a time bomb on it

^ HAHAHA!!! :) Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this 'special time limit' on her uterus is a joke!

When I read she wants to have more before her uterus explodes or whatever, I said to myself what BULLSHIT. Just say it was an unplanned pregnancy ya dumb broad. She wants to say oh it's cause of my diabetis and it will be so dangerous later. From all her whining about the last pregnancy it seemed it was already very dangerous! It was just an excuse. She whines way too damn much, so glad that shit didn't get renewed.

1000% agree with you! Her doctor most likely said that more she keeps uncontrolling her diabetes, the harder a pregnancy is going to be. Mackenzie obviously took that as a 'oh my god, my uterus is gonna explode in 2 years...'

I'm also glad Teen Mom 3 was cancelled. Just for the fact that Mackenzie won't be rewarded for her 3 unplanned pregnancies before 20. That girl has bricks for a brain!

I forgot there was 3! She had a miscarriage on the other one right? Damn who knows how many more. Yeah glad it's not renewed. No more ponies for Gannon. Your name is the best btw.

She had a late term miscarriage before Gannon. That should of been reason enough to slow down the baby making until she had her life together. It annoyed me so much to see her parents taking care of Gannon the entire season. Glad that teen mom ship has sailed haha!!

Thanks! The names on here are hilarious.

I never thought it wouls happen but I think Mackenzie Dumbshit actually beat Leah at the 'whose the biggest whiney bitch' contest.

I'm also willing to bet her doctor actually told her 'it will be much more difficult for you to be pregnant after the age of __' and she hear 'go make as many babies as possible in the time frqme no matter how dangerous that is to your health and your baby's safety'

MackenziesExplodingUterus- you mentioned it was a late term miscarriage... How far along was she?

Does she think her uterus has the shelf life of milk?

You're assuming that she knows that milk expires. I don't think she could find her way to the dairy section of a grocery store even if she had a map and a GPS tracker. Her mom takes care of making sure she doesn't starve to death since all of Mackenzie's energies are focused on her death grip on Josh.

Doesn't Ryan still live with his parents? I don't get how he gets all of these girlfriends, trying to make whoopy in his big boy bed would leave me bone dry. Or should I say no bone dry?

That is bizarre. His mom seems to think that he shits gold so of course they're in no rush to get his mid 20s ass out of their home. And if my parents let me live in their huge house for free and play with my dirtbikes and other toys all day while they played with my offspring, I guess that's a pretty cushy setup.

Wow, that girl really is all teeth and cheeks isn't she?

Sorry but I think she's 10000 times better looking then Maci who always looked like a man to me. I know all the Maci minions will be giving me thumbs down, but ya'll know I'm right.

Prettier than Maci, not as pretty as Dalis.

Totally agreed! Dalis was ridiculously gorgeous. She can do so much better than Ryan's derpy ass.

Maci's hairline gets me every time.

Yeah. I think she cleared up her acne thankfully. I really suck at being nice. I tried though.

LOL I know, and I *sometimes* feel bad about bashing these girls' appearances. BUT, with a little miss perfect fake attitude that Maci has, it is easy to make fun of her old lady hairline.

Biggest. Understatement. Ever.

(Well, not ever... but basically).

Opps... I'm sorry, I suck at this kind of stuff.

I was trying to quote this:

"...the whole idea of the show preventing unplanned pregnancy hasn’t really been shining through lately."

Bets on next to get pregnant:
MacKenzie within the next year
possibly Briana (off a one night stand/FWB)
I could see Farrah getting pregnant for publicity, but I think she'd struggle to find someone stupid enough to impregnate her.

I was thinking Brianna too. Yeah if it's Farrah it would be some dirty old man.

Hopefully anyone but the GrandMichael. Then again, no one in that family needs another excuse to talk exclusively in baby talk for another five fucking years.

Even if it's true, he didn't "get her pregnant", that implies she had nothing to do with it. She's just as responsible for preventing pregnancy as he is. If any of these 16 and Pregnant girls would have realized that, well I guess there wouldn't be a show.

Yeah I was wwatching Briana's episode (16 and pregnant) the other day and her friend was asking if they used protection. And she goes HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO ASK TO USE PROTECTION. It's so awkward to ask if there's a condom tee heeeee! Dumb ass.

Briana couldn't even say the word condom. She said it is awkward to ask if he has a "something." SO Briana, awkward moment in front of your boyfriend, or a lifetime of parenting? UGH.

Posting disgustingly high definition money shots on twitter is perfectly kosher but asking your boyfriend to wear a condom is where she draws the line? She's such a friggin moron it hurts my brain.

Rae, Devon was right. Briana wasn't raised right. That is why she is a moron and incapable of good decision making skills.

Well, she would certainly need his help to come down with a case of the babies.

But you're correct. If she were in fact preggo, it would be because they're both morons who don't understand birth control.

Drinky drink

I predict Briana to be next pregnant. All the girls from TM3 were trash, they took no responsibility for anything and tried to blame everything on other people. E.g. Mackenzie - the doctor told me I had to get pregnant, Katie - It is all my ex fault, he had anger problems, he was lazy, he put himself first, Briana - He should have had a condom, my family are too protective, the boyfriend is a jerk never me. Alex (i think thats her name) - Matt is always a jerk, she leaves her kid in a house alone so she can go onto the street and shout at him, responsible!
All the teen moms are kinda like that actually, especially Leah - Jeremy never calls, bitch, that phone works both ways you know. Kailyn - Jo is mean and does things to hurt me. Maci - Ryan was always the jerk, i failed classes because i didnt have the time to study (girl make time, plenty young mums get degrees and don't take 6 years plus to do it) Jenelle - the men made me do drugs. Farrah - I got tricked into porn, my parents abused me .... If they don't take accountability for their actions they are not mature or responsible. A lot of the girls on the show seem to get off on being a victim, it's kinda sad.

SO TRUE! They always blame everyone. How about just say you were a dumb slut and weren't thinking? It's fine, its the truth it happens. For the record though so many of the TM3 dads were awful...(Devoin and Matt) especially although I read he's doing better (who knows). And then Josh I can't even be mean to because he may possibly be mildly retarded. Joey was a good dad but Katie and him were both psycho to one another. She was definitely a big woe is me, everything is your fault. Oh yeah don't get me started on Leah. Not just with Jeremy but Corey too! Corey thinks Ali is going to walk down the aisle isn't that cray!? Even though she puts Ali in cheerleading... It's COreys fault I cheated. It's all Coreys fault. JUST STAHP.

I think you could make the statement about Josh quite accurately by leaving out "possibly" and "mildly" all together.

lolllllll yeah just full on non-functioning brain

Josh is an actual zombie...holy hell.

While I don't defend Leah as a rule, I think Corey's in denial. My friend's mom had a brother with the same Muscular Dystrophy as Ali and he died in his twenties. I think they need to be more realistic and focus on making the time she has as easy and as happy as they can.

Thank you, yeah the dads were jerks but the girls always act like they were 100% innocent in it all, especially Jenelle and Leah oh and Kail!
Yeah Josh needs some testing done, one too many hits to the head! As for Mackenzie she needs a delicate hospital, the way she behaved rings alarm bells with me. Making lies that could cost people the job they worked very hard for (thank god because it is lies it can't be proven) The way she acted in the car, throwing a tantrum beside her kid because her mum and dad didnt get her to the rodeo on time. For me that saying "kids having kids" should use that as there logo, a picture of the mother going red in the face, pulling her hair etc beside her son.

That scene was hilarious. I laughed so hard that she was crying like a baby at her parents and then Gannon, who is in fact a baby was also crying.

Yes!! This!!

I think this website has become the "Rae and Holierthanthou " blog?! Can we just try and comment once maybe twice?! Tired of seeing sooo many of the same persons comments...and if you Dont like the teen moms why be on a Teen Mom blog/website?? Just sayin......now bring on the thumb downs!! :)

Oh eat my ass. This is just going to make me comment more. It is a discussion board after all and it is entertainment. Enjoy! :)

Is this Grangie???

Who?? Um no... and you Sure are classy! Your the type of person who i Never want to hear from,and i wont be visiting this website again because im tired of looking at the Same people commenting on Everything.Peace!

I'm sorry to hear that the mere sight of the names "rae" and "holierthanthou" seem to stir up such negative feelings within you as well as an apparent lapse in good grammatical judgement. I sincerely enjoy your input on this blog so I find it unfortunate that you're saying your goodbyes. I dunno why you feel the need to announce your exit instead of just downvoting those of us that bug you and moving along.

I've been reading this blog for months and never commented before. I created a login just to say, Rae and Holierthanthou's numerous and hilarious comments are the reason I keep checking back every day, you guys are the best!


You can visit the website without reading the comments smart one. Oh cause Teen Mom is super classy. Eat. A. Dick.

I'll bet any amount of money that this is one of the teen moms or one of their parents/siblings. I actually look forward to both of their comments. They're hilarious!

bets on who will get pregnant next: Mackenzie

Bets on who the whiny twat is: Grangi

I want my pizza!

I'm on this blog because it's hilarious and I have way too much free time. If you want to read nice things about the teen moms, then go to Jenelle's sulia, her teen mom blog or HC's ode to The Holy Uterus of Oklahoma. No one else's comment frequency is stepping on your ability to do the same so I fail to see the issue? It's a forum for discussion. Comments don't need to be rationed like butter during WWII. Calm down.

LOL Heather would be a good guess too. We all know it was you Heather who broke into Mackenzies house! Just give it up!

"Holy Uterus of Oklahoma"
That was beautiful.

We form our decisions based on how the girls behave, they behave like dumb whores who never learn from their mistakes. We aren't creepy fangirls like you who believe the girls can do no wrong. P.S We don't trash ALL the girls, just the trashy ones :) E.G Izabella Tovar, Jordan Ward, Lizzie Sickles and Hope. I like those girls. They don't try defend their mistakes by blaming other people, Jordan had another child and did'nt try cover it with loads of excuses, her and her husband wanted one, so had one, no blaming anyone else for their decision. Unlike Kail and Javi "We didn't expect to get pregnant straight away, we thought we would be trying for a while" and Mackenzie "my doctor said i had too" Jenelle "we both feel totally mature and ready for this baby" and then caught using drugs while trying. She then got pregnant the last month they were going to try... did no one else think WTF? at that, like really, she they tried for a baby and decided they didn't want to anymore but oh darn they got pregnant. Yeah I believe the lies, really i do. :)

The spotlight is just too hot for many of these girls. They get even the slightest taste of fame (Nikkole!), and suddenly they're selling stories to Radar or pretending that they're journalists, like Ashley S. It's pathetic that the fame whores like Jenelle and Farrah overtake this site. Hatethat is right - there are so many girls that went on the show and then MOVED ON. IDK, I'm bothered more by the Nikkoles and Ashleys that used one damn episode to keep themselves in the public eye, rather than a Jenelle, who's still on TV. . . who are we kidding, they all annoy me!

It still baffles me how Nikkole's Twitter/instagram names are 'NikkoleMTV'. Like guuuuuuurl, you were on MTV for about an hour, get over yourself!

Girlfriend was on MTV for 40 minutes, and maybe 3 minutes of the reunion show footage. Girlfriend can't handle watching all of her co "stars" stackin' benjamins from TM2. Thats whats up with Nikkole moron Paulun.

I love Jordan Ward because she didn't try to dance around the reason they had a second kid. Just own up to your decisions, for crying out loud!

I would be quite upset to see a decrease in Rae and Holierthanthou's comment frequency. Although I do not comment regularly, I spend quite a bit of time here and enjoy the hilarity of their comments and the conversational nature of the comments thread that they help encourage. The upvotes vs. downvotes on their comments indicate that this particular community feels similarly grateful for their frequent input.

Ok, Lynn Kail.

There's no winning with you. If people only comment once or twice, your comment will read: "Waaahhh. This website is dead. No one comments. Waaahhh. I want more posts."

If the discussion is alive precisely because people comment, you complain that some people comment too much.

What gives? There are many websites where people stand on their soapbox and proclaim their brilliance to the world and then leave, so you have all of these drive-by comments and absolutely no discussion. Plus, you have a bunch of duplicates because no one reads what others say.

People actually read the comments here and they reply leading to a lot of stimulating and hilarious discussion. If you don't like it, leave.

I totally agree with everything you just said. I, personally, like the 'discussion board' feel of the comments section on here. It makes it much more interesting than other blogs where its a lot of random ass comments and no discussion at all.

It's also helpful for those of us outside the twitter verse who don't know a lot of the crap these girls post. I learn as much from the forum-style commentary than I do from the posts themselves (nothing against Steve and Megan, the posts are great!)and Rae and Holier are fucking hilarious.

yay! Thanks all! I agree the comments here crack me up. I think Rae should be write her own blog.

Hmm, the next girl to get pregnant. I don't know! I'm gonna think out loud about it - TEEN MOM 1 :
Maci: pregnant as soon as she gets a man to put a ring on it, or say a word tangentially related to commitment (remember slow Kyle?) Amber: Nah, I'm gonna give the girl credit here, I think prison did her some good and put her priorities in line, or at least put Leah at #1. Farrah: Highly doubt it. Even if she did get pregnant, she's old enough to get the abortion she wanted last time. Catelynn: I wouldn't be surprised either way. Giving up Carly truly traumatized her, so I can see her not wanting to go through the ordeal of another pregnancy before she and Tyler are officially settled down, but I can also see her taking a swim in the deep end and having a trap baby.
TEEN MOM 2: Kail: I think she'll have another kid, but maybe not so soon since she was so stressed during Lincoln's pregnancy. Chelsea: I don't think so. IDK why but I have faith in her as far as this is concerned, even though she had that scare last season. Jenelle: Nah, she's gonna be too busy for a while with her divorce, new brother-child, and fighting with Nathan. Leah: No. I think Jeremy pushed her a little to get Adalynn and she knows it's not a good idea to have more on her plate.
TEEN MOM 3: This show was so fucking boring I stopped after the first couple episodes, so I don't know these girls as well. Katie: No, she seems quite sensible compared to pretty much everyone else from the franchise. Briana: Maybe. Girl's fucking nuts. But I think she'd get an abortion this time. Alex: No. She's got issues but I think the experiences with Matt and her mom's reaction to the first pregnancy got through to her. Mackenzie: Who knows. It's entirely possible that she'll keep poppin' them out as long as her mom is there to do the heavy lifting.
FINAL PREDICTION: Mackenzie, Maci, and Catelynn are most likely to be pregnant next.