Did Adam Lind Call Teen Mom 2 Producers Out On Editing?

MTV producer

There was some serious drama on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2 and it appears as if Adam Lind is calling the producers out on their editing.

Adam Lind

Lind and Teen Mom 2 producer Mandi had a little chat at his daughter's game. However, it didn't seem like Lind wanted to talk.

"Adam once stated that he was "done" being a part of Teen Mom 2 -- but when this season began, Aubree's dad seemed to turn a new leaf with regards to being featured on the docu-series," according to MTV.

"However, his attitude has completely changed -- and during tonight's episode, Chelsea's ex engaged in a heated conversation with TM2 producer Mandi about his involvement with the show."

During the exchange, the producer asked Lind why he was putting himself in a situation that made him look a certain way. Lind quickly replied, "I'm not, you guys do that."

Mandi, the producer, denied that they did that, however, Lind confidently replied, "oh yeah you do." You could also hear Lind mutter something about editing and he was not having a further conversation.

So, we're now asking ourselves whether or not Lind is questioning the editing that goes on with the footage from Teen Mom 2. Check out the clip below and judge for yourself.