A New Season of Teen Mom - Without The Girls You Know!


Well, it seems like MTV has changed their minds on this Teen Mom thing. Recently, MTV took to their casting call portion of their website to post that they are looking to cast for a new season of Teen Mom. The catch is - the girls they're looking for aren't pregnant, and we won't follow their pregnancies or their adjustment to parenthood. The girls they're looking for are in their early 20's, and are raising kids that are between the ages of 4 and 7.

Is a new Teen Mom spinoff coming your way?

16 & pregnant

Teen Mom Junkies exclusively revealed on Sunday night that MTV had not pulled the plug on a Teen Mom spinoff featuring the girls from 16 & Pregnant's 5th season. While MTV hasn't officially approved a spinoff for this cast, they haven't denied it either. So far, MTV has shown 5 seasons of 16 & Pregnant. Three of those seasons (1, 2, and 4) resulted in a Teen Mom spinoff, and season 3 wasn't considered for a spinoff for several reasons.