Teen Mom 2: Sneak Peek

Well friends, it's finally here! Tonight is the premiere of the second half of Teen Mom 2's 5th season, and I am way too excited. So far we've seen several small glimpses of the season from a few various trailers and some even smaller sneak peeks of some specific girls. This sneak peek, which happens to be an OK Magazine exclusive clip, focuses on Leah and her realization that Ali is more aware of her muscular dystrophy than we thought before.

Teen Mom 2: Another Sneak Peek


This season of Teen Mom 2 is proving to have some of the most dramatic story lines that we've seen to date, and Leah's story is one that really brings a lot of emotions to viewers. Leah's daughter, Ali, struggles with Muscular Dystrophy, and we saw her receive her official diagnosis during season 5. This disease causes Ali to have issues with her heart and lungs, and can cause complications with Ali's development of her muscles. Ali has always seemed to be a happy girl, and even though her large motor skills were delayed, we've seen her progress throughout Teen Mom 2 from crawling, to walking, to running.

Leah's Anger Issues

Teen Mom 2 star, Leah Calvert, has been sharing some passive-aggressive messages on social media that have caused some people to question what all the built up anger is really about. It all started yesterday when Leah posted a picture of the front view of her haircut. If you remember, Leah went with this short asymmetrical bob-like hairdo last week, and received a lot of criticism for it from people on Facebook. Because of the backlash, Leah took to Facebook to share the following message:

Leah Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut...

Well, last night, MTV aired the Teen Mom 2 "Unseen Moments" footage, where Dr. Drew sat down with the girls of Teen Mom 2 and watched some clips that didn't make the cut for the season. These included things such as Jenelle getting mad at Nathan for not picking up a soda for her before leaving on an 8 hour car ride, and some cute kid moments. Towards the end of the episode, Dr. Drew asked the moms if there was anything else that they wanted to share that happened during their lives that they might have hid from producers.

Leah and Jeremy Divorce Rumors

This season has been an emotional one for Leah and Jeremy, and we've seen a lot of ups and downs in their relationship throughout the last few episodes. We've seen Jeremy accept a job offer out of town, and Leah be upset that he turned down an offer closer to home. We've seen Leah offer to go to counseling, and Jeremy ignore the offer. We've seen Leah vent to her mom, friends, and ex-husband about the issues that pop up in her marriage. On the trailer for the season, we've even heard rumors of divorce.

Teen Mom 2: Sneak Peek

Tomorrow night's episode of Teen Mom 2 promises to be an emotional one. We'll get to see Kailyn's wedding, Jenelle go to jail for her heroin charges, more of Chelsea's visitation battle with Adam, and the near collapse of Leah and Jeremy's marriage. In the following sneak peek, posted to OK Magazine's website, we get a little glimpse of the drama that's going to happen between Leah and Jeremy.

Teen Mom 2: Sneak Peeks

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Leah and Jeremy are arguing because Leah wants to go to counseling, and Jeremy isn't having it. Apparently he's been acting funny since she brought it up, so the two get into an argument about whether or not it's an appropriate thing to do. Jeremy says that it would be nearly impossible to go to counseling since he works out of town 6 days a week, and Leah is just insisting that it will make their relationships stronger.