This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Kailyn attends the Grammy's

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry goes on a lot of business ventures and trips in order to promote several small businesses. She's been working to promote her clothing line, a children's book, her life story, and even fits in time for charity work. Kailyn's last trip, however, was not business related. Kailyn took to the red carpet and attended the Grammy's this week. While many people were confused as to why she would be at the awards show, she took to Twitter to clear the air and basically said that a friend's family has been going to the Grammy's for the last 12 years, and that this year they just happened to have extra tickets, so Kailyn went. Kailyn's sons and husband were not at the show, but it appears that Kailyn had a nice night out without them.

Leah Passes a Drug Test

Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert was seen on season 5 having a serious reaction to her prescribed anti-anxiety pills, rumors have been swirling that she's got some pretty serious addiction problems. While Leah has never mentioned the addiction, sources that claim to know her have posted online saying that pictures of her doing meth have been shopped around, and that her dealer illegally sells Leah nearly 40 prescription pain pills a week. Really though...who could forget about the dye for the baby's head incident?

This Week in Teen Mom News: Accidents, Favorites, Birthdays, and Hospital Visits

1. Maci Bookout is in a bad accident

Teen Mom's Maci Bookout was involved in a pretty serious car accident this weekend. Earlier this morning she took to Instagram to share the collage of pictures of her Jeep Wrangler after the incident. Maci's son, Bentley, was in the vehicle with her when this all happened, and Maci is also around 20 weeks pregnant, so there were obvious concerns about everyone's safety during the accident. Maci shared online that she and Bentley were lucky to walk away from the accident with only a few bruises, and that her unborn daughter is perfectly healthy as well. Maci pointed out that the Jeep rolled 3 times and that she was not responsible for the accident. Other vehicles were also involved, and we're hoping that everyone involved is able to make a full recovery.

Leah's Writing a Book, Ya'll!

As we all know by now, Leah's had a ton of crap going on in her life throughout the last couple of months. She's been accused of cheating on Jeremy, had Robbie sell the story of them hooking up, then Jeremy ended up flirting publicly with some girl named Brittany (who now thinks she needs an agent for some ungodly reason) and then she dissed Corey and Miranda's marriage admit a late night Facebook rant. There's also been reports of pregnancies, pain pill addiction, and stealing $50,000 from her child's trust fund. While we can't verify all of these rumors, we can provide you with an excerpt from Leah's most recent Facebook rant which happened late on Christmas day.

Leah: Back on MTV

The Ashley broke the news this morning that Leah will be returning to Teen Mom 2 for a 6th season. Leah, who formerly chose not to have her second marriage fall apart on national television, has decided to sign a contract with MTV which will get her involved in the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. Leah has had quite the drama in her life lately, and she's been dealing with custody hearings, doctors appointments, public flirting scandals, and a failing marriage to Jeremy Calvert.