Leah's Dream Shattered As She Bombs Initial Speaking Gig

leah messer

So last night's episode documenting Leah's efforts to become a motivational speaker was just...sad.

We got to see as Leah came up with her dream job, while she spoke with her life coach. Apparently, motivational speaking appeals to her. Hmm, it's not clear to us why a teenage mother who stumbled upon a lifeline through reality TV would be so inspiring to others, but apparently Leah thinks it is. In any case, as you listened to that life coach telling Leah what she'd need to discuss in any motivational speech, you just know that life coach was really thinking, "Move bitch, get out the way, that's my jam."

Leah Messer Opens Up About Single Mom Misconceptions


Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer sat down with MTV news for an interview in which she combatted many of the misconceptions that come with being a single mother.

Jeremy Calvert's Mysterious Instagram Posts Fuel Pregnancy Rumors

Hey guys! To address the refreshing issue, after being looked into by someone with developing experience it should be fixed and should no longer interfere with discussions going forward. If you're still here & reading this, thanks for your patience, however snarky it might have been.

Corey Simms Takes to Twitter to Speak Out Against Last Night's Episode As If MTV Could Possibly Make Him Look Worse Than Leah

Leah Messer

Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert aren't the only ones who are apparently unhappy with the way MTV portrays them on the show. Corey Simms took to Twitter following last night's episode to blast the "TM2 action" that showed Leah and her sister trash-talking the way Simms and his wife Miranda treat the girlses.