Who's Expecting?

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There are a lot of girls who were featured on 16 & Pregnant who are currently expecting another child. For the sake of time, I won't write an entire article about each of them, but I'll share updates about them on this post so that they're all in one place for those people who are curious.

Kristina (Robinson) Head: Pregnant Again

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Most people will remember Kristina's heartbreaking story on the season finale of 16 & Pregnant, Season 4. Her son's father, Todd, drowned while they were swimming at a beach, and there were a lot of tears shed during her episode while viewers watched her try and cope with that loss and become a young mother at the same time.

16 and Pregnant Voting Results

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Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnant, it's time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3. If you didn't know, out of this season, 4 girls were to be selected for the newest series that will echo Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. There were a lot of good candidates this season, as personally I only found myself pretty bored through 1-2 episodes tops. (I won't say which)

16 and Pregnant - Kristina Robinson

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Kristina Robinson is a 16 year old from Texas, and I think this episode was the first 16 and Pregnant that I actually I cried over! When Kristina and her fiance, Todd, were on vacation in Galveston, Texas, with Kristina's family, there was a riptide and both were pulled under. Todd didn't make it. It was so extremely depressing and sad. The only consolation was that Kristina was carrying Todd's baby. Kristina was living with her Aunt Dotty and Todd's brother, Daniel, because she didn't get along with her mother, Kim. It's pretty obvious right from the start that Kim was feeling incredibly guilty over Todd's drowning, since was there. Kristina, on the other hand, was bottling everything up and didn't want to talk about it.