Trouble in Paradise for Jordan Ward Finder? *UPDATE*

16 & pregnant

You all probably remember Jordan Ward from Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. She and her twin sister were models and had an extremely tight bond. Jordan got pregnant by, then boyfriend, Brian Finder and they had a son named Noah. They soon after got married, Brian joined the Air Force and they moved to Texas and ended up having another child, daughter, named Arri.

This Week in Teen Mom News

16 & pregnant

1. Taylor Lumas Goes to College

Taylor, from season 3, was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant. She was just 14 years old when camera started filming her pregnancy with daughter Aubri, and now that she's 18 and has graduated high school on time with her class, she's excited to announce that she's been accepted to nursing school at Christ College in Ohio. Christ College has around 550 students and is considered the best nursing school in Cincinnati. Congrats to Taylor for doing what she can to achieve her dream job of being a pediatric nurse.

This Conversation Was Brought To You By MTV

jonathan "jo" rivera

If you've read my live tweets during the Teen Mom 2 season this year, you've noticed my cracks about the "staged conversations" that happen quite frequently. These type of conversations happen a lot on reality shows but way more on Teen Mom 1&2 than any other show I watch. What happens is the producers tell the moms to sit down and essentially narrate what's going on in their lives by having friends or family ask them questions.