See the First Picture of Kaiser

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans gave birth to baby Kaiser on June 29th, and kept it a pretty big secret from her followers until she was almost ready to go home from the hospital. Since Kaiser was born, neither she nor boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, have posted pictures of Kaiser due to the fact that MTV controls most of their publicity. You'll remember that MTV was also in charge of debuting Leah's third daughter as well as Kailyn's second son.

New Details About Baby Kaiser

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, and boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, welcomed their son Kaiser into the world sometime last week, but until now, the details have been pretty sketchy about how it all happened. Nathan and Jenelle were extremely quiet about labor and delivery, and so far all that we've seen of this little guy is his feet next to Jenelle's arm. Whenever a new Teen Mom baby is born, it's been announced in an issue of InTouch with details and exclusive pictures of the new baby, nursery, and the family all together. MTV is in charge of the publicity for the girls, which means they set up the interview with the magazine and ensure that nobody really gets ahold of things until they're ready. MTV was able to announce some information about Kaiser via Facebook, where they shared the following birth announcement.

Kaiser Has Arrived

After what seemed to be the longest pregnancy in Teen Mom history, Jenelle and Nathan have finally welcomed baby Kaiser to the world. Jenelle and Nathan were trying to enjoy the moment as a family, and told fans on social media that they were going to enjoy a beach day today, but instead, it appears that the two spent the day at the hospital delivering a baby. While we don't know much at this point in time, Jenelle did share the following picture to confirm that Kaiser was born. The picture only shows Kaiser's foot, and we can assume that this is because Jenelle and Nathan will be making a little cash from selling Kaiser's first baby pictures to a magazine in the near future.

What's the deal with Sulia?

I know there's been a lot of talk online and in our comments about Sulia and what it does for girls like Jenelle who promote articles and gossip on the website, so I figured I would try and piece some things together to help people understand what's going on if they don't already know. (Also, I was confused on exactly how it worked, so I was interested in learning more about it too!) Ultimately, Sulia presents themselves as "a community for like-minded people to share and discover timely information around their interests and create meaningful relationships."

Jenelle's First Baby Shower

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is set to deliver her second son, Kaiser, sometime this month. In order to prepare for the arrival of her new baby, she and boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, have been flaunting that they will have a couple of baby showers. It turns out that Jenelle's first baby shower was held this weekend, and she shared some pictures on her social media accounts so that we could get a glimpse of the event.

Danielle Cunningham vs. Jenelle Evans

It's no surprise to anyone that a lot of the girls from 16 & Pregnant have some beef with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. This is because she repeatedly uses her publicity to post stories about them on Sulia or her website, Teen Mom Truth, and make a couple bucks off of the misfortunes of others. She's made basically the whole cast of Teen Mom 3 mad, and even some of the Teen Mom 2 girls have come forward with their frustrations about Jenelle's nickel-making practices. The most recent issue in Jenelle's life deals with former 16 & Pregnant girl, and mother of 2, Danielle Cunningham.