Teen Mom 2: Season 6 Episode 2 Recap

New Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peeks!

MTV must know how embarrassingly excited we are to see the Teen Mom 2 girls back on our televisions screens, because they keep giving us teasers for the new season. This week, they have posted new sneak peek clips from Season 6 Episode 1 on their website. There is a short video for each girl, showcasing what we can expect to see in the season premiere. Let's watch and discuss!

Seen you wif yah boooyyfriend. *UPDATE*

Who needs wedding photos when you have mug shots?

The "golden" couple of Teen Mom 2 are back on! After a messy (yet temporary) split, Jenelle and Nathan have decided to give their relationship another go. Wetpaint shared an exclusive interview with Jenelle, who is currently in New York with her co-stars (sans Leah), and she confirmed that they are back together. The couple have been apart since Jenelle filed a domestic violence report on Nathan back in March. The incident will be featured in the next season of Teen Mom 2. In May, it was Jenelle's turn to have domestic violence charges (later dropped) placed on her for attacking Nathan and she had a warrant for her arrest. Their matching mug shots would be a perfect addition to Kaiser's baby book. The couple that shares arrests together, stays together, I guess?

Jenelle is Hosting Ladies Night at a Strip Club!

Are you going to be in, or around Hempstead, NY tomorrow? Because we all know how fun it is to party on a Thursday and our favorite lady, Jenelle Evans will be there. You can tell her what a good mom she is party like you have no children at home that need you! Jenelle is hosting a ladies night at a strip club... I'm sure it's some really important charity...

Teen Mom 2: Season 6 Catch Up Special (UPDATED)

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is almost upon us and MTV is making sure to milk every piece of footage they have! Tonight's episode is a catch-up special to remind us viewers why we are so excited to see these girls back on air. Season 5 ended on pretty open notes for all of the Teen Mom girls, and there was a ton of drama between airings of the show this time around. I will be updating this article throughout the show and can't wait to see what you guys are saying in the comments! So let's get to the good part!

How Much Can I Make You Cringe in One Article?

1. Jo and Vee Reveal the Sex of Their Baby

It's what everybody has been waiting for! When it was initially announced that Jo Rivera of Teen Mom 2 fame and girlfriend of several years Vetzabe "Vee" Torres are expecting in March, fans joked that they wanted Vee to be pregnant with a baby girl just to get Kailyn's goat. Remember Kail's posts about Isaac asking for a little sister shortly after Lincoln was born? Well dreams really do come true! Vee shared the picture above to her Instagram account, confirming that she is pregnant with a daughter. Not to be outdone at garnering social media attention, Kail soon posted this video to her own Instagram account. Either Isaac is a super fickle kid, or Kail was trying to deflect all the jokes about her that began flyng on social networks soon after Vee's announcement.