How Much Are Teen Moms Getting Paid on Instagram to Promote Products? The Answer Will Shock You!

Anyone notice that the Teen Moms have recently all started to promote products on their Instagram?

Whether it's Kail and Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 or Maci from Teen Mom OG, these moms have gotten another past time in between pregnancy and giving birth to children and that's making money through social media endorsements. Whether it's products for your teeth ,your face or your extra weight, these moms are increasingly promoting away.

Is David Eason the Next Matt Baier?

David Eason, now engaged to Jenelle, has been interesting to watch on Teen Mom 2, primarily because he doesn't do much. Is it just us, or have you noticed that all David ever seems to do is drive Jenelle around and join her in complaining about her mother? As a result, we couldn't help noticing the parallels between David and Teen Mom OG's Matt Baier? Not convinced? Let's examine the evidence below: