Another Teen Mom Sex Tape in the Making?

In Touch revealed yesterday that Adam Lind, the serial baby daddy of Teen Mom 2, has expressed interest in creating an adult film of his own. The girls from the franchise that have had pornographic scandals have received quite a bit of publicity from it. We'll never forget Farrah's "leaked sex tapes" or Jenelle spread eagle on the bed with her goodies completely out there. Surprisingly enough, we've never had any men from the series branch off into the porn industry.

This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Jenelle gears up for Halloween

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has been a variety of things for Halloween throughout the years, and this time around things aren't looking any different. Jenelle shared several photos of her costume for this year, which is supposed to make her a "naughty school girl" of sorts. The costume includes a white corset top, super short plaid skirt and tie, as well as thigh-high white tights. Halloween is my least favorite holiday due to the scantily clad girls. Putting that aside, I have to give credit where it's due. Jenelle's body looks pretty good considering she just gave birth to her second child a few months ago.

Couples Therapy Reunion: Part 1

Several people have been asking about the Couples Therapy reunion show that aired last week, but not a lot of the Teen Mom drama was shown, so I had put off writing about it. It's a rather slow Teen Mom news day, so I figured I would post something small about the drama that did happen, and give you a heads up about what's going to happen on this week's segment.

Farrah's Doing Research While Stripping

E! Online reports that Farrah Abraham, who is now dropped from the renewed season of Teen Mom, is working at a strip club in Texas. The club, named Palazio Gentlemen's Club which is in Austin. A source claimed that Farrah was hired a week or so ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money, so they moved her up to a stripper where she dances on three stages.