5 Things Sophia Abraham Is Definitely Going to Talk to Her Future Therapist About

Farrah Abraham is back in the news again for her questionable parenting tactics. Farrah is one of the most loathed (albeit, richest) members of the Teen Mom crew because a) she constantly comes across as delusional, rude, and fame-whorey and b) many people are genuinely worried about whether or not her daughter, Sophia has the capability of growing up to be a functioning adult thanks to Farrah's unique sense of parenting.

Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

catelynn baltierra

Hey all! I'm back for another Monday night recap of America's favorite sh*t show! According to TV Guide, this week's episode is going to feature, "Simon re-entering Farrah's life; Catelynn and Tyler worrying when Butch starts dating; Maci, who's overwhelmed with life, needing Taylor to step it up; and Amber wanting to take Leah on a trip." Because of my current circumstances, I will not be able to do a live recap, but never fear! I should be able to stream soon after it airs and have a recap up before morning for those of you who read the recaps to get all the details. I'm also thinking of tallying how many times we see Maci with a drink in hand, now that we know she was preggers when this was all taped. It looks like she has a margarita in the sneak peek for tonight's episode. Watch it here. Enjoy everyone!