Debra Danielsen Says She Hasn't Seen Farrah Abraham or Sophia In 7 Months

Debra Danielsen

Recent reports have revealed that it has been over a half a year since Debra Danielsen has seen her daughter Farrah Abraham and her granddaughter Sophia.

Has Farrah Finally Broken up with Simon?

It feels like Farrah has done nothing but criticize Simon since his arrival to TeenMom OG. There was the time when she got upset with the engagement ring he bought her because it wasn't big enough, the problems she had with his level of "participation" at the Easter day egg hunt that Sophia went to and her general level of anger whenever he was around. So who's surprised that Farrah finally broke up with Simon?

Will Farrah Abraham's Feud With Her Co-Stars Ever End?

catelynn lowell

Here's the thing, part of Farrah Abraham's feud and drama with her co-stars happens to be good for the Teen Mom show. However, at what point does it really just get tiring and old? There are just some things that need to come to an end but we don't believe this one will.