Season 2, Ep. 11 - Here A Cheat, There A Cheat, Everywhere A Cheat Cheat


Coalminer Corey confronts Leah that he heard she banged her ex, Robbie, just before the wedding and Leah admits she cheated on him. Now, whatever...she admitted to it and all that, but the thing that gets me (and this is just a personal rant), the powers that be over at her Facebook fan page have been all, "She never cheated while they were married!" Because it's soooo much better to cheat on your fiance than your husband. Rant over. Needless to say, Corey is very hurt about this and doesn't know if he can trust Leah again. To be honest, they shouldn't have gotten married to begin with. They totally rushed into it and weren't done "playing the field" yet...neither one of them.

Chelsea Houska Is Done Procreating With Adam

A "source," who may or may not be absolutely no one, recently told Star Magazine that Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, and Maci Bookout want to conceive after their contracts with MTV are up. The article noted that Maci wants a little girl with boyfriend Kyle King, who have reportedly just broken up, a mystery that received another clue when Maci tweeted last night that she needs a Valentine. I'm of the belief Star was just guessing about Leah, since it was reported she suffered a miscarriage with boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, something she neither denied nor confirmed.

Who Is The Most Popular Teen Mom?

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend (go Patriots!), and what better way to celebrate it than having our own competition. I was bored, so I wanted to tally up some numbers and find out just who is the most popular Teen Mom out there. Of course, those in the Teen Mom 2 cast will have a harder chance because the show is newer and the original cast is very well know, but you'll be surprised by some of the results.

I Suppose I Should Comment On The "Chelsea Pill Popping" Story

Star Magazine - Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has a growing problem with prescription medication, an insider tells Star exclusively, saying the MTV star "pops pills like I've never seen before."

The insider told Star, "Chelsea pops pills that aren't prescribed to her, and abuses the ones that are," adding her drug hook-up is a friend who's not charging her for the substance in question, which is Ambien.

Further complicating affairs, the insider told Star, "Chelsea drinks every night" -- a huge hazard which could have a fatal interaction with the medication, depending on the amount consumed.

The insider told Star the South Dakota native's habit is already impacting her ability to care for her young daughter, Aubree.

Season 2, Ep. 10 - My Lawyer Is A Monster


Jenelle moves back in with Babsy since she fought with Tori and they hate each other now. When Jenelle meets with her lawyer the hottie, he thinks her case looks good and that he would love Kieffahhh to take the blame for the possession and breaking and entering charges. Jenelle could potentially face 120 days in jail, but obviously they don't want that to happen.

Can Anyone Explain This Scentsy Fad To Me?

So as many people know, in order to get my stories I have to basically check twitter and facebook all day long in order to find anything remotely interesting to post about with the Teen Moms between episodes. Let me tell you, it's getting harder and harder by the day, especially now that they're all pushing this scentsy shit every other post.

Class Dismissed - Chelsea Is Coming!

We picked up this bit of info from a reliable source (someone who goes to the college Chelsea is going to be attending) that yesterday class was dismissed early due to "bad weather". However, as they were leaving, MTV's camera crew was getting set up for Chelsea to come and take her aptitude test, and apparently didn't want the distractions of, you know, other students.

Season 2, Ep. 8 - I Could Use That Money For My Music Career


Shifty Eyes is still stewing over the fact that Kail filed for child support. Granted she probably should have told him ahead of time since they're on good terms with each other, but hello! You have a kid, the baby mama supports the kid, you should probably be paying child support.