Teen Mom Rumor Roundup

Starcasm did a good piece on breaking down this topic from the latest Teen Mom Weekly magazine... errr, Reality Weekly, so I'm not going to go too deep into it. The general rumor is that Jenelle and Leah are pulling a Jersey Shore and demanding more money to be exploited by MTV. This rumor has some weight to it as apparently Jenelle's manager was the one who spoke with the magazine and said MTV better pay up because the drama she brings is TV gold (my words, not his).

On A Lighter Note, Here Is Aubree Singing

It seems like lately I've just been posting stories about people getting arrested, so I felt it was time to change it up a bit. Here is a video of Aubree eating yogurt while singing "row, row, row your boat". I'm not going to lie, the sideways camera, and super low volume messed with me a little. At first I thought she was digging into sour cream, and just pictured all the replies about how Chelsea could dare let her daughter eat that... luckily, it was just yogurt, and I then realized I blog too much when I'm already picturing the comment reactions before I even make the post.

Is Chelsea Hooking Up With Someone From "Caged"?

So it's been no secret that Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has been chatting it up with some of the guys from MTV's show "Caged" over twitter. If you haven't seen caged, don't worry, neither have I. I do know it's about some guys trying to make it in the UFC or something, at least that's what I have gathered based on the commercials. For all I know, they could be training to be cage dancers at strip clubs.

Chelsea Houska, Catelynn Lowell, and Tyler Baltierra Film For The Rosie Show

Once again, I am reminded of my awesome idea that no one has taken me up on. That Teen Mom Crossover is a gold mine just waiting to happen. Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska met up with Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra in Chicago to film for The Rosie Show, which, I have to admit, I didn't even know was still airing. The last time I watched Rosie, she was still throwing Koosh balls at the audience. If that isn't a blast from the past, I don't know what is. (If she still throws Koosh balls at the audience, just disregard that last sentence.)

What You Should Really Learn From Teen Mom

I know a lot of people watch Teen Mom and learn a lot of things, for example:

  • Having a baby at 16 gives you a chance at being famous and making decent money
  • Jenelle's mother is always keeping an eye out for Kiefffahhhh
  • You have to struggle to pay rent but can plop down $5k+ on a boob job
  • Smoking weed is apparently the most addicting thing in the world
  • Your hair can magically change color and length 5 times in one day
  • Friends always just stop what they're doing and start asking you personal question after personal question