Teen Mom 2 - Season 3 Preview Video

chelsea houska

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MTV has decided to give us a little taste of what we're in for with Teen Mom 2, season 3 with a very brief trailer. The show is going to be moved to Monday nights and begin on Nov 12th at 10pm est. For those wondering, we will definitely be live tweeting the crap out of it, so be sure to follow us before you forget.

Chelsea Houska Is Dating Someone Who's Not Adam

Chelsea Houska

There are two cringe worthy Teen Mom guys that I don't like hearing about. Kieffahhh (for obvious reasons) and Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam. Well, good news. Chelsea doesn't seem to be going down the path where she has to get back with her ex 73 times a year. Chelsea tweeted a picture of her locking lips with someone named Aaron Crisp:

Chelsea Houska Had A Website, For A Few Days

Chelsea Houska

First off, I was a little surprised to see this news article appear on Radar Online's feed. While it may be somewhat newsworthy in our circle of Teen Mom readers, Chelsea Houska not paying her webmaster doesn't appear to be major celeb gossip.

Teen Mom Rumor Roundup

chelsea houska

Starcasm did a good piece on breaking down this topic from the latest Teen Mom Weekly magazine... errr, Reality Weekly, so I'm not going to go too deep into it. The general rumor is that Jenelle and Leah are pulling a Jersey Shore and demanding more money to be exploited by MTV. This rumor has some weight to it as apparently Jenelle's manager was the one who spoke with the magazine and said MTV better pay up because the drama she brings is TV gold (my words, not his).

On A Lighter Note, Here Is Aubree Singing

Chelsea Houska

It seems like lately I've just been posting stories about people getting arrested, so I felt it was time to change it up a bit. Here is a video of Aubree eating yogurt while singing "row, row, row your boat". I'm not going to lie, the sideways camera, and super low volume messed with me a little. At first I thought she was digging into sour cream, and just pictured all the replies about how Chelsea could dare let her daughter eat that... luckily, it was just yogurt, and I then realized I blog too much when I'm already picturing the comment reactions before I even make the post.