Teen Mom 2 Mid-Season Finale Recap

chelsea houska

First let me say, I'm feeling better and I hope to have posts on a more regular basis again starting this week. I will finally be able to answer your e-mails and look for more tips, suggestions, etc. With that out of the way, tonight was either the season 3 finale, or season 3 mid-season finale. I can't really tell because I'm getting different reports from different people. Chelsea herself said "Oh wow, season 4 looks good" or something to that affect during the previews, yet MTV keeps calling it just a mid-season "break". So starting Feb 18th, are they going to be airing season 4, which is the last season they recorded for the cast?

Teen Mom 2 - "Why Do You Keep Talking About Him"

So I am sick, but rather than lay in bed and cry myself to sleep like it's my ex's birthday, I decided to rough it out and not only live tweet, but give you guys a half-assed recap. I know it's probably not going to be nearly as deep as Melinda's recaps, but it's hard to tweet, recap and smash yourself in the head while watching some of the moves these girls make.

Teen Mom 2 - Leah And Jeremy Sitting In A Tree...

chelsea houska


On another staged Leah and Jeremy date, he asks her to be his girlfriend. Then he asks what happened with Corey and she's like, "he was doing things, I was doing things..." but doesn't actually say what they were doing. Anyway, I'm kind of bored with Leah and Jeremy already.