Lots Of Stories Bundled Into One Post

chelsea houska

This post is going to be a little different, so stick with me while we work our way through it. There's been a lot of drama since the last episode of Teen Mom 2 aired, and I'm going to be breaking it down by each girl that's involved. This post will cover Jenelle's letter from PETA, Leah's tweet to a divorce lawyer, Chelsea's new alleged boyfriend, and Kailyn's new school schedule. I'll also talk briefly about some filming opportunities for the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

What's the Deal with Adam and Chelsea?

Chelsea Houska

It's no surprise to anyone that Adam and Chelsea have had a pretty rocky custody battle over the past few years, and things seemed to escalate quickly after Adam finally filed for visitation rights on last season of Teen Mom 2. Since he obtained visitation with his daughter Aubree, things have been more hectic than ever. While Adam is granted visitation while his parents are around, and is not allowed to drive with Aubree in the car, it seems like he's not showing up for his time with Aubree, and his daughter often tells Chelsea that Adam was driving.

Briana Dejesus Bashes Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska

Teen Mom 3's Briana Dejesus has had some interesting habits on Twitter lately, and it doesn't seem like they'll be ending any time soon. Briana went missing from Twitter for a period of a week after an incident regarding Jenelle. A couple of weeks ago, Briana tweeted an x-rated picture, and quickly deleted it after it caused some controversy. The newest issue happened just a couple of days ago when she took to Twitter to bash Chelsea Houska's intelligence.

Chelsea Says Adam Hasn't Changed

Chelsea Houska

Wetpaint posted an article a few days ago talking with Chelsea Houska about whether Adam has grown up and started to participate in co-parenting or if he is still stuck in the same old rut. We've seen him appear to grow into a better father after the birth of his second daughter, Paislee, but we still haven't seen much of Aubree in the picture. Some people speculate that Chelsea still holds resentment about Adam moving on with his new girlfriend, and that Chelsea doesn't allow Adam to spend much time with their daughter. Others believe that Adam and his girlfriend Taylor are simply posting pictures to try and convince people that Adam has changed into a wonderful father.