Teen Mom: Season 4, Ep. 9 - No One Is A Perfect Parent


Time for Butch's arraignment! Catelynn has to work, so Tyler goes to the arraignment with his mom, Kim, and Catelynn's mom, April. Butch tells the judge he's representing himself, and the judge is like, "Whoa, dude, bad idea." So Butch asks if he can go to the Department of Corrections to go to the law library and do adequate research. I guess Butch wants to be a lawyer now. Seriously? Of course, the judge denies the request, so his arraignment is continued.

Teen Mom: Season 4, Ep. 8 - Say No To Drugs, Kids.

Surprise! Butch is in jail again!


Tyler gets a call from April. Apparently her and Butch got into a fight and he's now in jail. April was on the phone with her girl friend and he thought she was talking to her son's dad, and so in Butch's mind, that gave him the go ahead to kick April's ass. She ends up all bruised.

Teen Mom Season 4, Ep. 5 - Some People Are Meant To Change The World


Catelynn and her grandmother are going to speak at a birth mother support group. Apparently, Catelynn isn't the only one whose mom wasn't open to the idea of adoption. Others mention how their mothers weren't happy about it either. Grandma speaks up and even tells Catelynn that April needs therapy. It's very emotional when Catelynn talks about leaving Carly. So sad.

Teen Mom Season 4, Ep. 4 - Vacation Crashers

"So I peed on my mom. Big deal, I don't see the problem here."

After our server issues this week, I'm finally getting the recap up! Better late than never, right? Also, I'm still in vacation mode (Florida was great, despite the tropical storm that followed me around), so I'm not entirely sure the recap will make sense anyway. And now, without further adieu...

Meet Catelynn's Terrible Friend...

Remember when I first wrote about Catelynn reportedly being pregnant and also focused on the bad friend part? Something a lot of people overlook when these reports are leaked are the 'friends' who leak them. Whether it's Leah and Jeremy purposely (imo) "leaking" stories to Reality Weekly, Jenelle's friends selling her out any chance they can, and now Catelynn's reported longtime "friend" Jamie Pyrzewski. I thought the Teen Mom circle really just had some pretty terrible shady friends who are quick to cash in on the fame.