Catelynn and Amber Share New Details About Their Upcoming Weddings

We've got two sacred unions to look forward to in the Teen Mom universe! Catelynn and Tyler are set to get married in just over two months. Amber and Matt are also planning to get married within the year. Both couples recently shared some new details about their wedding plans!

This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Leah's Second Divorce

All of the stories about Leah end the same - divorce. We knew that this was bound to happen from the start, and it's all being captured by our friends at MTV. Earlier this week, reports were stirring that the two spent their anniversary apart. Although Leah shared some Tweets about the couple being married for 3 years, it was eventually revealed that the couple didn't even spend the day together. They're officially unfollowing each other on social media, and it appears that Leah is having a girls weekend in Nashville this weekend with some friends. While neither party has officially announced a divorce, a source claims that they're no longer living together and that the end is closely approaching. Any bets on how long until the public finds out that one of the filed?

Butch Speaks Out

We've heard all about Tyler Baltierra's father, Butch, and his drug addiction and constant jail hopping ways throughout 4 seasons of Teen Mom. We've seen Butch struggle with sobriety, abuse, and other things. No matter how much he says that he's changed, he somehow always ends up back in jail.