Latest Dramz in Tyler and Catelynn's Relationship: Does Tyler Want to Leave Catelynn?

Although Tyler and Catelynn got married in 2015 and the dust is barely settling on their marriage, it can't be easy to start off the rest of your lives together with 2 pregnancies and one kid already in the mix. After all, so many of Catelynn's mental health issues have been due to the fact that she had postpartum depression.

Teaser Footage Teen Mom OG Hints Caitlynn Lowell Could Be Pregnant

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In newly released teaser footage for next week's Teen Mom OG, Tyler Baltierra appears to be hinting to another baby with Catilynn Lowell. The hint comes amidst some cheating allegations that have been plaguing the couple.

Postpartum Depression Is Holding Catelynn Lowell Back From Having More Kids

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Teen Mom OG stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are having some serious bouts with depression. Earlier this week, Baltierra revealed that he was struggling with his emotions in the Teen Mom OG season premiere. Now, Catelynn Lowell reveals that she is scared to have another baby because of her Postpartum Depression.

Will Farrah Abraham's Feud With Her Co-Stars Ever End?

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Here's the thing, part of Farrah Abraham's feud and drama with her co-stars happens to be good for the Teen Mom show. However, at what point does it really just get tiring and old? There are just some things that need to come to an end but we don't believe this one will.

Tyler Baltierra's Post Of Nova Meeting Carly For The First Time Is Adorable

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Just when you thought Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell were having some trouble using their social media accounts, they share this cute photo that melts your heart. That's right, Baltierra, instead of throwing jokes on social media, posted a photo of the first time baby Nova met her birth sister Carly.