Amber, Gary, and Leah go to Disney On Ice

Since Amber Portwood's release from prison in November, she's kept relatively quiet regarding her personal life, which I would say is a smart thing to do. She has stayed away from social media accounts, and seems to be doing much better than she was when we saw her on Teen Mom. She did appear on Dr. Phil last month, where she talked about her struggles to get sober before her prison time, as well as being high on nearly every episode of Teen Mom that we watched.

Another Teen Mom Following In Farrah's Footsteps?

Blind Item - This Teen Mom saw how much money Farrah Abraham made so shot her own porn video Monday.The actor who shot with her says she was wasted but they filmed anyway. The mom controls theproduct so it's up to her what to do with it. He says there is nothing glamorous about the shoot and that if the public is expecting something nice and sweet then this porn is not for them.

It's Gary's Fault Amber Was Locked Up, You Guys!

(Radar Online) Former Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was sprung from prison on Nov. 4 after serving 17 months of a five-year drug sentence -- and now she's finding support from ex-costar Farrah Abraham. Speaking exclusively to,Abraham said jailbird Portwood should have never gone to prison and slammed her baby daddy, Gary Shirley, as being a bad influence. "I'm happy Amber is out if jail, she never deserved to be in jail," Farrah said.

"Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder.

"I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship."

Amber Is Still Out Of Prison


The Daily Mail is apparently keeping close tabs on Amber, but it appears they are running out of things to say. If you missed the huge image at the beginning of the article, they went on to describe in detail what Amber and her mother were wearing while shopping. For good measure, we were also treated to what Amber was looking at while shopping. Very riveting stuff here. It's stuff like this that makes me look bad (not that I needed help with that). I should be the one sitting in the bushes taking pictures of Amber and her mother. I guess I'm just a slacker blogger, but you knew that already.

Get A Room!

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I like to be a little misleading with my titles, but don't get excited, that's just a friendly peck on the lips from Amber to her mom. Granted, I haven't kissed my mother like that since about 3 years old, but I also didn't just spend a year in prison.

Watch Out World; Amber Is Out Of Prison!

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Holy shit, an update! That's right, I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to write something, and who better to start with than our old friend Amber Portwood. Some will complain about the lack of updates, well there is no excuse, I dropped the ball. I haven't even watched a minute of Teen Mom 3 because that cast on 16/Pregnant was horribly boring, I could only imagine the staged drama they were going to come up with that crew. Is it good?

Overblown Story Of The Day - Gary Is Dating Someone New

(note, this is an obvious photoshop job, so don't get worked up)

It would come as a surprise to pretty much nobody if I told you that Gary is pretty douchey, or at least he comes off that way on any media outlet he's been on (especially twitter). That being said, I find it hilarious that some media outlets are acting like Gary dating Leah's babysitter is some scandal. The National Enquirer "broke" this story and loved adding the dramatic flare to it. Some other sites ran with it and bashed him for hooking up behind Amber's back.