Sneak Peek at Amber's Book: Never Too Late

So, I haven't read the book yet (or even started it to be honest) but I do intend to read it and give all of you a good run down of what it has in store. Until then, we'll settle for a sneak peek of the first chapter of Amber's book that was released by Amazon in order to give potential readers the opportunity to see what they might be able to read about.

Amber Portwood Writes A Book

We don't hear much about Amber these days, and as far as I'm concerned, that's probably a good thing. Amber spent nearly a year and a half behind bars, and since her release, she's been extremely positive and hasn't had any problems. She obtained her GED while in prison, and has started taking classes to be a counselor to teens. Even though she's had a few public appearances on television shows, she's been pretty low key for the most part.

Amber Portwood Joins Twitter

Amber Portwood has joined the Twitter universe. Although it might not seem like much, Amber has been one of the few girls from the 16 & Pregnant franchise to stray away from virtually all social media accounts, and the fact that she made it through her 16 & Pregnant episode, four seasons of Teen Mom, and a catch up special without an official Twitter account is a miracle in itself. Most of the girls that are on the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant already have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages with thousands of followers, and their episodes haven't even aired yet.

Amber Offers Advice

Since Amber has been out of prison, she's remained relatively quiet. She made an appearance on Dr. Phil, and filmed for Being Amber, but has strayed away from most media publicity. In the March 4th issue of In Touch Magazine, Amber revealed some advice that she had for a fellow Teen Mom girl, Jenelle, and her comments still seem pretty level-headed, which is still such a change from what we saw of Amber on Teen Mom.

Being Amber: Recap

The episode starts on the day that Amber is released from prison. Amber spent 17 months behind bars, and on the first day out, she gets to reunite with her family. Her mother, brother, and nephew go to jail to pick her up, and they head off to a restaurant where Amber orders more food than I've ever seen anyone order, and she even orders a chocolate shake on top of it. Honestly, I can imagine I would crave real food if I was stuck in jail for that long too.