Amber Portwood Enters Rehab

Amber Portwood

I almost feel as if this has quickly become the Amber Portwood blog! So what has our Teen Mom drama queen been up to since being released from the hospital? She's entering a rehab facility in California which, if you ask me, was a long time coming. She finally decided she needs professional help for her anger control issues and her depression. Sad to say, it appears her attempted suicide may have been the wake-up call she needed.

Is The Fame Worth It?

Amber Portwood

There are people who can handle fame and just go along unscathed. Then there are people who have a difficult time with suddenly being thrust into the spotlight. I think Teen Mom's Amber Portwood falls into the latter category. After her suicide attempt this week, she still hasn't been left alone. The media has been treating her like a piece of meat and they're hungry lions. Rumors have also been flying about on-again off-again ex, Gary Shirley, threatening Amber for custody, which he brought up on his Facebook fan page:

Give Support To Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood

Unfortunately, Amber Portwood's suicide attempt was real. You can listen to the audio of Gary Shirley's 911 call here. Gary posted on his Facebook fan page tonight that an email address for Amber was set up if anyone wants to send her encouraging mail:

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Suicide Attempt?

Amber Portwood

Stop the presses! Star magazine said something happened, so it must be true! Wait, what? According to a few different sources, Teen Mom's Amber Portwood attemped suicide today. She was reportedly found on the couch with a rope around her neck and appeared to have overdosed on pills. It's no secret that she's on medication for anxiety and depression, but could she have taken it too far? The optimist in me says that this is all a fabrication. It was reported by a representative of Star after all, but with her history, who knows. I only hope it's a fake, for her sake and her daughter, Leah's sake.

The Official Teen Mom Season 3 Trailer!

Guess what? MTV has finally put up the official trailer for the third season of Teen Mom! From the trailer, I can already tell that Maci changes her hair another 47 times and Leah looks pretty much exactly like her dad. Honestly, the season doesn't look a whole lot different from previous seasons: Amber Portwood is still mean, Gary Shirley is still arguing with her, Ryan Edwards is still hot, and Butch is still hanging around. I can't wait!