16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Amber Portwood

16 & pregnant

Hey everyone! I'm coming back at you guys with another 16 & Pregnant throwback episode! I would've done this one a lot sooner, but Hulu was seriously hating on me. I'm a broke college student and they really want you to pay the bill like every month, pfft! I'd like to take a moment to everyone who answered my boob question last time. I learned yet another reason to avoid pregnancy for as long as I can :P And I'd like to apologize for the slow news lately. All our favorite girlses have been relatively quiet and I'm always reluctant to write really short fluff articles. Are there anything that people are itching to discuss? Do you like fluff? Maybe another free discussion post? As always, let us know. And finally, my finals week in school is coming up so I'm going to be pretty swamped up until the week before Christmas. Try not to miss me too much if I have to take a little time off, but I'm going to try my best to avoid doing that. Now let's get into Amber Portwood's story:

EXCLUSIVE: 16 & Pregnant Season 5 Girl is Pregnant Again!

16 & pregnant

It was only a matter of time before I posted one of these. It seems like every time I think we're caught up on baby news, someone else from the franchise decides to get pregnant again. This time around, the new pregnancy comes from a 16 & Pregnant Season 5 girl.

16 & Pregnant: Season 2B Update!

16 & pregnant

In case you've missed out on our updates so far, we've given info on the Season 1 girls and Season 2A girls within the last couple of months, and will continue to update fans on the lives of the former 16 & Pregnant stars throughout the summer. Some viewers have favorites that didn't make the Teen Mom cut, so we're always getting asked about how those girls are doing. These posts help to include all of the information we've got so far on the girls!

Club Raids - Why Not?

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16 & Pregnant star, Jordan Cashmyer, is one of the most talked about girls that didn't make the Teen Mom cut. We know that she's had a lot of ups and downs since her time on MTV ended, and we had thought that she was finally turning her life around when she stopped stripping, got her own place, and started spending time with her now one-year-old daughter, Genevieve. Sadly, the last few weeks have proven to still be tumultuous for Jordan.

Help Me Help You

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Hi everyone! I'm married, and extremely thankful for all of your donations to a wedding present. I have loved being a part of the Teen Mom Junkies family, and couldn't imagine life without all of your witty comments on a daily basis. It's been a week or so since I've written, and there have been a lot of changes since then. I really appreciate all of your patience with the changes. Change can be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also lead to some great things. Stick with us while we work through things!

Trouble in Paradise for Jordan Ward Finder? *UPDATE*

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You all probably remember Jordan Ward from Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. She and her twin sister were models and had an extremely tight bond. Jordan got pregnant by, then boyfriend, Brian Finder and they had a son named Noah. They soon after got married, Brian joined the Air Force and they moved to Texas and ended up having another child, daughter, named Arri.

16 & Pregnant Father Arrested

16 & pregnant

And hey, it's one you probably haven't thought about for a while!

Do you recognize this guy? I didn't either. To refresh your memory, his name is Zak Hegab, and he was featured on season 3 of 16 & Pregnant. He and his girlfriend, Kianna Randall, were expecting a baby together. Kianna was 16, and Zak was only 15 at the time. Here's a picture of Kianna to help potentially spark your memory a bit.