Simon Posts $9600 Bar Bill, But Is He Really As Rich As He Claims?

One thing Simon Saran is very good at is self-promotion. He's always showing off his cars, or his stuff, with some obnoxious commentary.

So we weren't very surprised last week when he threw a big birthday party and posted a $9581 bill for alcohol, including a $2500 bottle of champagne.

But one thing that's interesting is that Farrah and her mother have often made it seem like Simon was trying to hang onto Farrah because of her money. You may remember that on Marriage Boot Camp, Debra said that Simon was a "gold-digger".

Now, normally, we'd take what Debra says with a shaker (or maybe a truckload) of salt. But some of the things Simon does don't quite add up. For instance, his cars don't seem to have license plates (they have dealer plates, as if they were on loan) in his pictures. And his cash for homes business is a bit questionable -- even his website is no longer active.

What do you guys think? Is Simon really super rich? Or is Debra right? Tweet us or post on Facebook.

<a class="image-credit" href="">Instagram post by KING SIMON • Jul 23, 2017 at 9:52pm UTC</a>