...Perhaps The Wedding Will Go On After All...

So, not to brag or anything, but we called it. Although RadarOnline reported that Jenelle's wedding was off as of last night, we knew that Jenelle had to have had an explosive fight with David that she eventually calmed down from. Why? Because that's just the way Jenelle rolls.

Now of course, the question here, is did an explosive fight take place at all and was there ever the threat of the wedding being called off? We suspect the reporting on this is accurate because, all of the above sounds so much like Jenelle.

We've all seen Jenelle and David fight, fight, fight, then kiss and makeup. It happens, over and over again. The problem is that although Jenelle has an explosive personality, it turns out that David does too. If David were more of a pacifier, Jenelle would probably calm down a lot more quickly. But the issue is that these two just rev each other up when one gets upset.

Here's an interesting question: Where's Babs in all of this? Did she have any influence in calming Jenelle down? Will she actually wind up coming to the wedding? Stay tuned, 'cause this story just keeps taking more and more twists and turns.

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