The Real Reason Amber is Pregnant Updated

andrew glennon

Amber Portwood has been all over the news lately for her pregnancy, given that she's having another kid for the first time in many years.

But it seems everyone is putting her in the hot seat for the conception, considering she's only been with her baby daddy for a few months. So what gives? Why might Amber have gotten pregnant now?

Our original hypothesis is that Amber realized that a pregnancy would be good for business. But now, it seems there's been a more direct form of cash flow.

Apparently, Simon is claiming that producers actually pay the teen moms for their pregnancy.

Really? It seems pretty hard to believe that MTV would set up contracts that stipulate the teen moms get pregnant to make certain bonuses. But, somehow, we have to wonder: Don't the teen moms make more money indirectly for their pregnancies? After all, it's clear that even when the teen moms give birth, they manage to score quite a few endorsements.

In fact, Jenelle and Kail seem to be promoting abdominal fat losing products non-stop, and of course, Leah is always using her children to build her new brand as a motivational speaker.

So what gives? Is Simon right and the teen moms are actually getting paid to make babies. Simon tends to be pretty abrasive so we're taking bets that he's just being his usual Simon self.

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