Read Jenelle's Defense On Marijuana Found In Ensley

If you're a Teen Mom Junkie, by now, you've read "Reading Between the Lines" and know about Jenelle Evan's marijuana addiction. It began when she was a young teenager and she's never given up on it since. As she points out, it suits her much better than alcohol and truly addresses her anxiety.

Well, apparently she loves it so much, she was unable to quit it during pregnancy. Of course, we all know about marijuana being found in Ensley's system at birth. Now, however, Jenelle and Nathan are both responding to Nathan's mother's request to seize custody of Kaiser. But you've got to read what Jenelle has been saying on Twitter about the issue. As usual, she goes nuts on social media and just manages to make herself look worse:

"Don't believe everything. They are called accusations for a reason. The truth will come out eventually, not talking about myself either.

Like I said the truth will come out soon.

Exactly. I'm done trying to explain anything... becuz apparently every word out of my mouth is a "lie""

Hmmm. We're not sure why Jenelle is talking so ominously about the truth. We all suspect that Nathan and his mom are making a play for Kaiser so they can nab screen time, drama with Jenelle and maybe some social media endorsements themselves, but seriously, we doubt there's any sort of other "truth," here. At most, Nathan's mother has a drinking problem herself. So rather than a good defense, we suspect Jenelle has a reasonable counteraccusation.

In any case, we'll be watching tonight's Teen Mom, looking for some clues.

<a class="image-credit" href="">Instagram post by Jenelle Evans • Sep 5, 2017 at 12:58am UTC</a>