Jenelle Evans Continues to Flaunt Her Kids' Gun Use on Social Media

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been laying low since Eason-gate blew over and she managed to hang onto her job at Teen Mom by a thread.

Hmmm, she must have figured out that with all of those endorsement deals beginning to fade away, she actually needed the gig at teen mom more than she thought.

However, it appears that even Eason-gate couldn't keep Jenelle from promoting her kids' gun usage on her social media.

This time, we see Kaiser pointing a gun into the distance and god help us, we hope there isn't a human being down the road about to get a nasty surprise when a toddler pelts them.


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Now, Jenelle likes to label her pics of her boys enjoying some good ole' time in the backyard with guns, "country living." We thought country living was about gingham tablecloth and home-cooked apple pie, but clearly country living is a whole different ball game to Jenelle.

Lataer, we see both Jace and Kaiser enjoying some time in the woods, pursuing of course, their usual pastime, hunting. Here goes:


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Here's our question about all of this: Did Jenelle get her "laaaaaaaaaand" just so her kids could torture a whole bunch of birds and rodents in their spare time?

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