Now The Wedding Is Over, Jenelle Has More Time for Fights With OK Magazine

It seems that Jenelle must have been really preoccupied with her wedding over the last few months because now that it's over, she has a lot more time for fights with people/companies/tabloids. In today's case, Jenelle has gotten into a twitter spat with OK Magazine.

So, apparently, Jenelle caught a reporter in the woods filming her wedding and was pretty upset about it, as evidenced by the following tweets today:

"Don't write a damn thing about me anymore. You send a reporter to my house and secretly recorded me, then ask for exclusive?! #ShadyBitch (Response to OK Magazine)

Covered in trash?! That's not my property. (Response to Radar Online)

God forbid we both had anxiety the day before our wedding. Find something else to bitch about. my night was great, sorry you weren't there (Response to Radar Online)

Trying to offer us tons of money, you can keep every penny. (Response to both Radar Online and OK Magazine)

Let me catch you on my property again, it won't be pretty." (Response to Radar Online and OK Magazine)

Why is Jenelle so upset? Well, as we've seen before, Jenelle can get really territorial about her sources of income. We find it hard to believe this is a matter of privacy since Jenelle clearly loves the attention from her reality show. But, if there's one thing this teen mom doesn't like, it's others detracting from her salary. One thing we wonder, why not let the magazine she did sell her wedding pics to do the fighting for her. That's Jenelle, for you. She loves a good fight.