Is MTV Trying to Get on Jenelle's Good Side

Jenelle Evans

So far, Jenelle hasn't really taking a "break" from social media. In fact, Jenelle just can't seem to help herself and has posted plenty of pics of herself, posing with either her kids or with David. But, now, it seems MTV is tweeting out pics of Jenelle's kids, complimenting them. Is MTV trying to get on Jenelle's good side?

It's clear that Teen Mom, particularly Teen Mom 2, has become MTV's cash cow. After all, MTV has got this show constantly running on its channel. And now, given Jenelle's threats to leave the show, is it possible that MTV is making sure to promote Jenelle's family in a good way?

Now, if course, this isn't the first ime that Jenelle has threatened to quit MTV. Remember when Jenelle and David took Jace from a taping of an episode at the studios and ran off with him? Of course, MTV ran after them and managed to ensure that Jace was safely returned to Babs. Still, it was then that Jenelle got riled up and managed to kick up a fuss and threaten MTV.

It seems that MTV has a lot more to lose now, however, and so it certainly makes sense that MTV might just be doing a little more damage control now, than before.