More and more secrets are coming out about Amber's man...and they aren't good...

andrew glennon

For whatever reason, RadarOnline has been all over Andrew Glennon, Amber Portwood's new man, and they have a new scoop about him today.

We've written in the past about Andrew's woman problems, and the multiple restraining orders that have been taken out relating to him.

But now there's more: it seems that Andrew has had alcohol issues that "nearly cost my life," he claims.

He says it was all related to the death of his dad, after which Andrew had serious problems. He suffered from depression and got heavily into alcohol use.

Here's what he said about it: "I have been through so much pain in my life...My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer while my mother was fighting breast cancer.

I prepped myself to potentially lose both of my parents. My mother survived, but my father did not.

Andrew now says he plans to be completely open about his past, and he says that he would have opened up on camera if he had a chance...

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