Matt Baier's Lie Detector Test May Have Saved His Relationship With Amber Portwood

The roller coaster has reached an unexpected corkscrew for Matt Baier and Amber Portwood. Though, it looks like the path is beginning to straighten out for them after news of a shocking lie detector test.

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"I wasn't against it because I guess I kind of felt like I wanted to know," said Portwood according to Us.

"I was happy with some of the results ... it clarified some things. I think people will actually be shocked with some of the results. Some of them actually pleasantly surprised me and made me feel amazing and I think it [will make] a lot of people look really stupid that [have] always been talking s**t."

Just when there seemed to be a select few that were trying to sabotage Baier and Portwood, clarification through the lie detector test have exonerated him. The fact that Portwood is happy with what she heard and "pleasantly surprised" doesn't mean things are completely okay.

"It still doesn't change the other problems that we had in our relationship and things that happened in the past like lying," Portwood said, according to the report.

"So there's a lot that needs to be worked on there for us to even think [about being] together."

So to clarify, Baier passed a lie detector test, though there is still some problems to work through. Therefore, the wedding is still at a halt.

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