Is Kailyn Lowry Giving Kylie Jenner Advice on Life After Pregnancy?

Keeping Friends

Well it looks like the Teen Mom universe is starting to weigh in on celebrity pregnancies.

Kailyn Lowry has issued some advice for Kylie Jenner and it's not necessarily about the process, it's all about what happens when you have a kid.

Lowry believes that Jenner's posse could diminish after she has her baby and let it be known in a recent TMZ video.

"Kylie Jenner better enjoy her friends while she can ... don't nobody young, single, wild and free wanna hang with a preggo ... so says 'Teen Mom' star Kailyn Lowry," according to a TMZ report.

"If there's someone who can relate to young pregnancies it's Kailyn, who got knocked up at 17. She tells us being pregnant can very much still be a challenge even if you can bankroll an army to look after you."

It's funny to think that the Teen Mom world and the Kardashian/Jenner phenomena would ever intersect but stranger things have happened.

It's easy to see that Lowry had struggled with keeping her friends though, from a couple of episodes, we see that Lowry still has a core she can trust.

It's hard to believe she would issue that type of advice to Jenner who doesn't seem to have any trouble keeping her core posse around.

Who knows, maybe Lowry is on to something.

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