Kail's Hitting Javi Where It Hurts

kail lowry

Last night, Kail went full on drama-queen on Javi after he showed up at her house demanding information about her most recent pregnancy. Apparently, she filed a PFA (protection from abuse) charge against him, which of course, could seriously threaten Javi's job in the military.

In last night's episode, we got to see Kail explaning her side of the story and why she decided to move forward with the charge. Meanwhile, Javi explained himself to producers of the show, and talked about how Kail hit him below the belt, because she should have known the charge could seriously threaten his career.

So, does anyone else think Kail's move was over the top? Some of the details of the conflict with Javi came out in the episode. Apparently, the issue wasn't just that Javi showed up at Kail's house unexpectedly.

Kail and Javi also had a twitter spat over the issue of her recent pregnancy with her new boyfriend. This would make sense Kail being pregnant is a sensitive issue for Javi and these two seem to want to consistently work out their conflicts over Twitter (yeah, makes a lot of sense to have your conflict publicly displayed, right?!).

After all, in 2015, when Kail miscarried, she talked publicly about how this was the beginning of the end for her and Javi. Apparently, Javi blamed Kail for the loss of the pregnancy and was desperate for Kail to become pregnant again and have more kids with him.

Hmmm.... the details don't sound quite right here. We think Kail is being unnecessarily vengeful with Javi to up the drama on her end. It really didn't sound like Javi went nuts about Kail being pregnant and there's certainly no indication that Javi was being a threat to either Lincoln or Isaac, such that Kail would have to as she said, "put the boys in their rooms and lock all of the doors to my house."

Besides, doesn't everyone lock the door to their house at night?