Kail and Jenelle Get Into It Over Lux's Father, and Things Explode

jenelle evans

This morning, Kail and Jenelle got into a Twitter spat over something Jenelle posted on Twitter a few days ago.

You may have seen Jenelle post this:

Well, that didn't sit well with Kail -- especially because Jenelle had sent everyone cease and desist letters to get them to stop talking about her.

So Kail called her out, saying "Jenelle don't ever fucking try to scare me with a cease & desist when you're posting this BULLSHIT."

Jenelle responded, saying something to the extent of, 'I didn't write that article -- I just posted it, but you wrote bad things about me,' and that quickly estalated:

Kail responded, citing Jenelle's record:

The two went back and forth a bit, before Jenelle started saying that Kail leaked too much to the media:

Of course, she had said that she blocked the number, so it's unclear what she's talking about.

Kail was confused too, saying that she hadn't texted. Jenelle responded with a clip from an article claiming that a source close to Kail made these comments:


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