Jenelle's Revenge on Social Media

jenelle evans

Jenelle laid out a threat last weeks that echoed around the internet: She was quitting social for "a while." Well, "a while" turned out to be about one week, because in the last few days, Jenelle has been back in full swing on Instagram.

What were her pics of?

For some reason, Jenelle has decided to load her Instagram up with propaganda for David being a great dad. Yep. Makes sense. After all, nearly all of the backlash against Jenelle was about David mistreating Kaiser.

Now, to be fair to Jenelle, we will say, that if you look closely at the footage of the last episode, it does appear that all that was going on with Kaiser was he was having a massive tantrum.

And, later, after Jenelle and David finished taking pics, Kaiser actually held out his hands to David to pick him up, which David happily did.

A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on

Not only this, but Jenelle loves her some hashtags like "family fun" and "brotherhood." Witness the following:

"Kai also joined us on our camping weekend. He got to paint some pumpkins with his big bro."

Is Jenelle on a mission to ger her revenge and convince the world that David is a good father or is her manager just breathing down her neck telling her people won't buy her endorsements or products if they think her husband abuses her son?

Something tells us, a little bit both is going on here.

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