Jenelle's Pregnancy Shocker: Could She Be Preggers Already?

Jenelle tied the knot last week and for some reason, pregnancy rumors are already starting to swirl around her. Now that she's in a legal, binding relationship people think she's pregnant? We find that one hard to believe. Our theory is that Jenelle and David will break up at some point, then she'll turn up pregnant, then they'll get back together. Now that sounds a lot more like Jenelle, don't you think?

In any case, this rumor was ignited for a shot that Jenelle took of her belly when she took a Snapchat shot in which her belly was sticking out. However, on a recent Instagram post, Jenelle clearly had a flat stomach and was also promoting a product to lose baby weight more quickly.

So, which one is it? Is she pregnant or focused on losing baby weight? Well, one thing's for sure, if she is pregnant, we're hoping that Jenelle is not actually consuming a dieting supplement. And it certainly seems like the wrong time to promote something of the sort. Of course, bad judgment is just par for the course for Jenelle.

In the past, however, when rumors started up about Jenelle and pregnancy, they turned out to be true. Witness Ensley's birth.

We also think nothing seems more romantic to Jenelle than making babies. And now that they have all that land out in the middle of nowhere, it seems Jenelle and David certainly have room for their family to grow.

The jury's out on this one...we guess we'll just have to wait and see.