Jenelle's Mad About Double Standards...And Maybe She's Right

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans wants you all to know she's still around.  She's had no major meltdown in almost a month, so it's high time for something to happen.  

What is she doing now? She seems to be upset that the other Teen Moms are promoting news articles online for money, and she no longer is (we're guessing she got the boot, although she claims she didn't want to keep doing it...).

So she's gone on another round of blocks.

But what's really making her mad is the fact that Ryan threatened to shoot Taylor, yet David got fired.  Here's what she retweeted:

Surprisingly, we agree with her.

As awful as David is, he hasn't technically threatened to kill anyone (although he has come very close, with the knife incident among other things).

So why is Ryan still on the show, and David is gone? And then, of course, there's Farrah, who may have been obnoxious, but she didn't do anything compared to Ryan and David.

The fact is, Ryan should have been fired a long time ago -- but instead Morgan Freeman is giving him and Mackenzie a more prominent position on the show, and a huge $$$ increase to go along with it.

And David should have been fired after the knife incident.

There's something seriously wrong with this picture, and it's time MTV makes some corrections.


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