Jenelle's Gone C&D Crazy, But The Other Moms Ain't Havin' It

chelsea houska

In her infinite wisdom, Jenelle has decided to go crazy sending Cease and Desist letters to (almost literally) everyone and their mother. Not only has she sent letters to Chelsea, Kail, and Papa Randilicious, she's also sent one to Babs.

According to Radar, she sent a letter with the following: "It comes to our attention that false statements of accusations of drug abuse and child abuse disparaging Mr.

and Mrs. Eason's characters have been made by you." The letter to Babs also accused her of using "bad language which shows no respect or good will toward the Plaintiff [Jenelle]"

According to Randy, Jenelle is mad at him because he said Jenelle shouldn't be fighting in front of the kids:

Kail and Chelsea were both equally surprised by the letters, arguing that they totally ignore Jenelle...and we don't know if Leah or Briana got one.

Perhaps least surprising was that Babs got a letter too. Babs responded to Radar that she didn't say anything that wasn't true. She also said that she gave the letter to her own laywer, who then called Jenelle "crazy."

We'll have to wait and see if Babs' lawyer gets a letter about that remark....

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