Jenelle's back on Twitter, and now she's complaining about too much "negativity"

Jenelle Evans

Looks like Jenelle isn't gone from Teen Mom.  After the David saga, which resulted in his firing, Jenelle had disappeared for a while, both from Twitter and from the media.  

But she's back, and now she's saying she's only going to use her Twitter account to live tweet Teen Mom 2. That certainly makes it sound like she's planning on doing a new season. We haven't heard a peep from Morgan Freeman about Jenelle's fate, so it's not surprising that she may be getting another (50th) chance.

Of course, she also took the opportunity to plug the new "Jenelle App". We can't wait until she puts that in the store and it earns her a whopping $10.

Nevertheless, Jenelle decided that she's tired of "negativity" around, and blames it on the articles that she was promoting... Poor Jenelle...she's always the victim:

As soon as we read that, we wondered how she's gonna make her money.  Luckily, Twitter users had some funny answers to that:


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