Jenelle May Be Backing Down From The Photo Backlash, But David Certainly Isn't...

Jenelle Evans

After the backlash yesterday about David Eason posting the photo of Jenelle, Jenelle tried to calm things down a bit by posting on Instagram.  

But David isn't having any of it.  Eason posted this on Instagram, and then made several comments in the thread:


A post shared by David Eason (@easondavid88) on

Here's what he's saying:

easondavid88 Everyone needs to focus on keeping their family protected and safe instead of focusing on how to deplete our country of its self protection rights!

easondavid88 @erinwitt42 if it happened here it would convince us all to buy as many guns as possible before liberals like you try to have them taken away

easondavid88 @nicolepowell1231 you mean just like that shooting at the church a few months ago where the law abiding gun owner took down the shooter? 🤔

easondavid88 @stephiemarie_101someone is going to shoot up my kids school? Go to hell bitch

easondavid88 @lzein0622 i would be more passionate about it.

What do you use to protect yourself against people with guns? Social media? Your phone? No bitch, thats what pissed the crazy kid off to begin with was bullies like you, moron

Then, in response to these posts, he said:

caitlin_ohalloran You have a platform. Use it the right way. People look up to you.

easondavid88 @caitlin_ohalloran and I could give a fuck less.

Everyone is attacking me for something that some fucked up psychopath did JUST BECAUSE OF WHO I AM. I follow hundreds of accounts that posted all about guns at the same time but nobody says shit to them.


leann2692 And this post is ridiculous. We DO know it. There has been a school shooting along and other mass shootings AT LEAST every week for the past 3 years...

easondavid88 @leann2692 thats a lie


cjtaylor71 No one wants to deplete the country for crying out loud. Maybe just make it so an 18 year old can't get an AR-15?? Why does anyone need an AR 15?

easondavid88 @cjtaylor71 because our government has them, what do you think the second amendment is for?


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David Eason on Instagram: “Everyone needs to focus on keeping their family protected and safe instead of focusing on how to deplete our country of its self protection…”