The Real Reason Jenelle and David Are Probably Still Together

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle is back in the news and no surprise, Radar, has all of the juiciest dirt on what's been going on.

According to the tabloid, Jenelle and David had an epic fight, causing the two to secretly split apart without actually making an announcement to their fans. Here's the latest and greatest:

"David was jealous of all of the guys talking about Jenelle. From Gary to Keiffer to Courtland, he couldn't take the attention she still gets from them," the source told Radar.

Apparently, David also changed his status on Facebook to "It's complicated" from "married" then deleted his account altogether.

So okay, let's take this apart, piece by piece, as we usually do at Teenmomjunkies.

Jenelle and David have broken up but then Jenelle posts this on her Instagram, in we're sure was probably hours later after this story first began to circulate:

A post shared by Jenelle Eason (@j_evans1219) on

The other information we have besides the fact that these two had a huge fight that supposedly broke them up is that David got really jealous of Jenelle's ex's.

So, first of all, it seems to us that all of the above were probably true except the only part that we're guessing the tabloids are missing is that these two GOT RIGHT BACK TOGETHER as soon as an hour had passed from their initial implosion.

Second, what's shocking about this ENTIRE story is the idea of David being surprised that Jenelle has a past.

Hmmm, she's been a teenager mother three times over, has been in and out of rehab a couple of times for heroin usage and has not one, not two, not even three but SEVERAL legal charges against her and a nice hall of fame accumulation of mugshots and this guy is JEALOUS ABOUT HER PAST?

It's not surprising to hear that David could be just this dumb but the idea that these two could ever breakup strikes us as so unlikely...why? Because.

by now, we're thinking Jenelle might have figured out that she should have established a prenup otherwise David is going to take a whole lot of her money.

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