Jenelle Evans Dishes About Her Dad Leaving

It's been a pretty turbulent ride for Jenelle Evans. From drug addiction to spending a little time behind bars, she has really had it rough. Her father leaving her and her mom certainly did not help.

"He worked at a recording studio for a number of years, but playing music never paid the family's bills," said Evans in her book Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, according to RadarOnline.

"He had some other habits like carousing and hanging out with his friends instead of staying home. My mother used to give him hell for every little thing he did, but looking back on it now, I wonder if maybe she was just lashing out at him because of his misplaced sense of priorities."

She would continue to write about an accident that happened to be the final straw for her mother. Evans describes a situation where her father was holding her and fell down a flight of stairs. Apparently it led to him ultimately being kicked out the house.

There seems to be plenty of unresolved issues between Evans and her father. There also seems to be a bit of hope in her mind that maybe one day they can reconcile their issues.