How the Shocking War Between Jenelle and Babs Is Raging On

Jenelle Evans

Despite the start of Teen Mom OG, the drama has not ended between Jenelle and Babs.

According to reports, Jenelle has gotten pretty agitated by Babs talking about Jenelle's drug issues, causing Jenelle to send Babs a cease and desist letter.

Meanwhile, reports are also circulating that Jenelle has relapsed and evidence of this is the fact that she's been acting erratically.

Now, let's take a closer look at all of this. How likely is it that Jenelle is back into hard drugs and has somehow, despite this, had the wherewithal to send her mother a cease and desist letter?

Not very likely. Jenelle herself has been upfront about the impact that doing heroin had on her.

She spoke about how she and Kiefer were living in other people's homes, how they were arrested and how she couldn't care for Jace at the time.

Given that she's been able to hold up her kids in pics and manage her businesses, let's keep it real, we think it's unlikely that Jenelle has relapsed.

Now, on the other hands, what's with Jenelle's legal play with Babs?

It seems likely that Jenelle is fighting back on the case that Nathan's mom is trying to mount against her on Kaiser's custody or even caution people about talking trash about the fact that she'd test positive for marijuana with Ensley.

We have to admit, pretty much everyone loves to accuse Jenelle and David of being terrible parents so it makes sense that she'd want to limit Babs' talking about it.

Can't wait for this scenario to play out so stay tuned.

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