Jenelle Continues to Make Money Off MTV Even As She Threatens Them

Over the last 48 hours, we all saw Jenelle throwing a fit over MTV's portrayal of David and her. Clearly, Jenelle was pissed that David appeared abusive and Kaiser looked neglected. But, here's the shocking part of all of this. Only a little while after going nuts about the whole thing and telling off MTV publicly and threatening to leave the show, Jenelle then posts a pic of herself using a product and making an endorsement.

Now, it's clear that Jenelle thinks that the money she's making off of MTV will go on forever. No wonder she's willing to bite the hand that feeds her: Jenelle, like every celebrity, has finally gotten entitled!

Here's the reality: The way that Jenelle and David spend on their cars and their trips, it's clear that these two will probably be headed for bankruptcy and jobs at Walmart following the demise of Teen Mom. As usual, another celebrity without talent thinks that they have more going for them than they really do.

In any case, you never know with Jenelle. Is she upping the drama because it only gets her more publicity or is she really in a rage right now at MTV?