Jenelle and David Aren't Taking the Blue Apron Thing Lying Down

Jenelle Evans

After being dropped by Blue Apron for not exactly being the kind of person that a company would want to promote their brand, Jenelle and David are not happy....and they're showing it.

The couple seems to have taken it as their personal mission to attack Blue Apron as much as humanly possible. In fact, Jenelle (re-)tweeted no less than 16 times in the last several hours about how bad Blue Apron is:

David has been up to the same thing, apparently finding every single person online who complains about Blue Apron and posting about them.

Meanwhile, Jenelle and David have been coming up with their own excuses as to why they were booted from Blue Apron.

This tweet from David is still up, but the tweet Jenelle posted has been deleted (maybe Blue Apron's lawyers got to them...).

Of course, given all of the other promotions the Teen Moms do, which tend to be the same companies, that argument falls flat.

We'll have to see if the White House hires Jenelle to promote their "Blue Apron for food stamps..."

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