Javi Marroquin's Book Still Needs Kailyn Lowry's Approval

javi marroquin

When it comes to Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry things just don't seem to go as smoothly as we all would expect.

Marroquin has been working on his book and it seems to be complete. Though, it is in a bit of a delay because Lowry still hasn't signed off on some of the material that was written about her.

The Teen Mom 2 star with 1.4 million followers on Instagram is still waiting on his son's mother to approve his new book, putting it in a bit of a delay.

"As soon as Kail and I can come to an equal compromise, hopefully we can keep pressing on it," said Marroquin, according to Christian Post.

The report claims that Marroquin feels it is unfair the way he has had to wait for approval for his book, when Lowry went ahead and published hers without consulting him.

"While just a few weeks back Lowry filed a restraining order against Marroquin, more recent rumors suggest that they have made up and are now in good terms," according to the report.

Looks like his 1.4 million followers are going to have to wait a little longer for that book to be released.

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